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(S-Acetyl) L-Glutathione 100 mg | 100 Vegan | Kosher Caps

Naturally Complete

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  • Non-GMO | Soy-Free and Gluten-Free
  • Vegan Capsule = vegetable-based capsule
  • Detoxifies pollutants and toxins
  • Food for the immune system
We use only Vcaps from Capsugel as they are consumer-friendly and Kosher & Halal-certified.

Glutathione is a simple molecule that is produced naturally in our bodies all the time. It is a magical composite of 3 essential amino acids (the main building blocks of protein and DNA), Cysteine, Glycine, and Glutamine.

The secret to the power of (S-Acetyl) Glutathione is that it contains Sulfur. That's what makes it magical, Sulfur is sticky and acts like flypaper, so all the bad things stick to it like toxins and free radicals floating around in our body Dr. Mark Hyman tells us that Glutathione recycles antioxidants. You see, dealing with free radicals is like handing off a hot potato. They get passed around from vitamin C to vitamin E to Lipoic acid and then finally to glutathione which cools off the free radicals and recycles other antioxidants. After this happens, the body can reduce or regenerate another protective glutathione molecule and we are back in business. However, problems occur when we are overwhelmed with too much oxidative stress or too many toxins. Then the glutathione becomes depleted and we can no longer protect ourselves against free radicals, and we can adequately get rid of toxins.


(S-Acetyl) L-Glutathione, Microcrystalline cellulose in a vegetable-based capsule. We use only Vcaps from Capsugel as they are consumer-friendly and Kosher & Halal-certified. Vcaps from Capsugel is the world's bestselling plant-based capsules.


For adults and children over the age of 12 as a dietary supplement; take between 200 to 300 mg of (S-Acetyl L-Glutathione daily or as directed by a health care professional.

Legal Disclaimer

Use only as directed. Not for use in pregnancy or lactation. If you have a medical condition, see your doctor or healthcare provider before using this product. Keep this and all medication out of the reach of children.

All information compiled is strictly for educational purposes and Vital Therapy, Naturally Complete LLC is not responsible for this information. The FDA has not evaluated these statements. Products and/or statements are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. Consult with a healthcare professional. No animal products or by-products are used in manufacturing. No animal testing.