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Am I Going Crazy or Is It Perimenopause?

Posted by Nina Capelouto on

You may have thought you were going crazy at first. Your body seemed to be working against you and your mind wasn't far behind. Be assured there is nothing wrong, just a stage of life called perimenopause, and this may be your time. We all know what menopause is. But, there is a transition phase before menopause. Many women who are experiencing symptoms find it unsettling to associate those symptoms with menopause because they don't think that they are old enough for menopause. In this new enlightened age, the importance of women's health has put issues like perimenopause on the...

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Hot Flashes Don’t Have to Incinerate Your Life

Posted by Connie Anderson on

No, hot flash is not a firefighter's term. A hot flash doesn't involve a fully involved fire. Unless, of course, you are a woman experiencing a menopausal hot flash. Then, you could argue that, yes, you have been fully involved with this facial fire. Until you've had a hot flash you can't comprehend what it really is or how it can make you feel. What is a Hot Flash? For those who have struggled with hot flashes, it is not a flush or a blush. It can be described as if you are sitting on a plate under the heating...

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